Monday, August 26, 2013

Feltia herilis - Master's Dart Moth

This beauty is a later-season moth around my area - at least, that's what I've noticed in terms of their appearance on my wall.  The Master's Dart moth almost looks like it is wearing a ball gown with gold detailing on a black surface.  Perhaps it's a black cape, with gold symbols to indicate superpowers?!

It's so difficult to get the photographs to show the shimmer that dusts the wings of this moth.
This was my first sighting of F. herilis, and it was on August 12. Since then, I've seen several of them after they've been attracted to my porch light.

Unfortunately, the larvae is a type of cutworm.  It feeds on over 40 different plant species.  Nonetheless, I think the moth is stunning, and I share all the moths I find here, so it deserves its place as much as any other!

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